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Lava Girl Surf | News & Features

Film Festival Interview | Filmmaker Taylor "Birdman" Larison for 'Say No More'

Davina Grincevicius

Taylor "Birdman" Larison's film Say No More was selected for the 2014 NY Women's Surf Film Festival | Women of the Seven Seas. For your chance to see it on the big screen, join us this Saturday August 16th, at 7:00pm at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. 

Facebook Event Page 

lava girl surf film festival taylor birdman larison 2014
lava girl surf film festival 2014 birdman taylor larison

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised within walking distance of the Pacific, in Oceanside California where I followed the natural progression of So Cal boys: Crawl, walk, skate, ride and surf. 

What was your concept for Say No More?

I haven't seen that many all women longboard surf films in awhile, and thought it was time to create a film that showcased local women surfers that shred at longboarding.

What are you trying to communicate, and whats the meaning behind the film's name?

Their's really no meaning to the name of the film. I couldn't think of a title, and one night 'Say No More' came to mind for some reason. Then I started to think of it as 'Say No More' Lindsay is here! 'Say No More' Makala is here! and so on..

How did you go about selecting the surfers for your film?

I knew a couple girls that longboard and that I film. I was told a lot that I should make a women's longboard surf film, but always the situation came up that I don't know enough women to make a film. I was on Instagram one day looking at Makala Smiths photos and I made a comment on her photo, and she instantly comment back to me saying "Fool! We need to film!" so instantly I was like really? hmm ok. Then when I met up with Makala for the first time, I asked her "Do you know other women that shred at longboarding? and instantly she told me "YES I DO!, I'm friends with this girl Karina Rozunko that shreds hard!" From one girl to the other, spreading the word that I'm making a women's longboard surf film. The rest is history to meeting all these women surfers.

How did you go about selecting the music for your films?

I asked the girls what type of music they enjoy listening to. I'd pick an artist that I enjoyed and let them listen to the song, and would ask them what do you think? They'd give me a yes or no.

What is your favorite scene and or which are you most proud of in this film?

I like and enjoy the film as a whole.

When you manage to get away where is your favorite place to visit?

Any where really. I don't surf as much as I use to. Since filming and editing has taken over my life, but when I do I enjoy surfing by myself any where in San Diego.

Where do you find your personal inspiration?  

From watching and observing what other film makers are doing right and what I think in my mind are doing wrong, and I try to expand off of that to make my own version.

What is next for Taylor Birdman Larison?

Off to Puerto Escondido with a couple long boarders from San Diego, for my next upcoming film that's going to be based around big wave surfing and noserides. Haven't really seen the full circle of what a surfer can accomplish. You see a lot of noserides in a film, but when can you see the long boarders talents in the tube and on the nose? and I'll also be working on and finalizing a project I've been working on for the past 3-4 years. The film is called 'FIN UP!' It's a movie based around a San Clemente longboard surfer named "Tommy Witt". The film will be showcasing Tommy Witt and his friends. Featuring Herbie Fletcher, Chris Ward, Noah Shimabukuro....and the list goes on. Another women's film will be in the works next year 2015.

lava girl surf film festival 2014 birdman taylor larison

Taylor "Birdman" Larison is the founder and owner of Birdman Media which specializes in longboard surf videos and related "lifestyle" videos for musicians and manufacturers. For more information on Taylor you can go to his website