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Lava Girl Surf | News & Features

Film Festival Interview | Filmmaker Nathan Oldfield for 'The Involvement Dream'

Davina Grincevicius

Nathan Oldfield's film The Involvement Dream was selected for the for the 2014 NY Women's Surf Film Festival | Women of the Seven Seas. For your chance to see it on the big screen, join us this Saturday August 16th, at 7:00pm at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club. 

lava girl surf film festival 2014 women of the seven seas
lava girl surf film festival women of the seven seas

Where did you grow up and where are you living now?

I grew up on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, an hour and a half north of Sydney. I now live on the Far North Coast of New South Wales.

How did you get started in surf filmmaking and why? 

For me filmmaking is just another extension of my surfing life. I have always mucked around with photography since I was a kid, so the transition to capturing moving pictures was a fairly natural one. I've always liked beautiful things & making stuff. 

How did Involvement Dream come about?

My friend Belinda Baggs was excited about the opportunity to ride this board & she approached me about making a small film about it.

How did you come to meet Belinda Baggs?

I met Belinda over ten years ago while making my first film called 'Lines From A Poem.' We are long time friends now & our families often get together.

What was some of the challenges in making this film?

Only that we had a small window to capture it. Belinda had to return the board to its owner and we only had two days to shoot. Thankfully, the elements aligned and we were gifted some beautiful winter waves and weather.

Where has been your favorite places to surf and shoot surfers?

It's kind of hard to nail down just one location. I love to surf a variety of places, and some of them I like to keep close to my chest. But I love a good right point break. In terms of shooting, I feel every location has something to offer in terms of angles, opportunities for creative composition and light play. Sometimes the most ordinary of shooting scenarios can offer moments if your eye is open to them. 

What can't you live without when you travel?

My iPod & headphones. Music is a really big part of my life.

Where do you find your personal inspiration? 

My wife. Our children. Friends. Surfing. Meditation. Artists. Musicians. Poets. Filmmakers. Authors. Waking up early in the morning. Sea gazing. The great outdoors. Really, I think, inspiration is everywhere.

What is next for Nathan Oldfield?

Hopefully, working on more film projects. 

lava girl surf film festival 2014 women of the seven seas
lava girl surf film festival 2014 women of the seven seas

Nathan Oldfield is a husband / father / surfer / shaper / photographer / filmmaker / school teacher / sea gazer from the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. He is interested in beautiful things and making stuff. Nathan has made several short films, and three feature length surf films called Lines From A Poem, Seaworthy and The Heart & The Sea. Nathan is a local team rider for Patagonia and a contributing artist for The Critical Slide Society. You can follow the journey of Nathan’s work via his blog called Look & Sea, Tumblr page or Instagram @nathanoldfield.