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NYC Women's Surf Film Festival

Lava Girl Surf Celebrates the art of filmmaking and the stories being told around the world of women surfers, their connection to the ocean and love for their own communities and those they discover. 



Join us for a free screening of GIVEN to celebrate Mother's Day. Saturday May 12th, at 8:30pm (run time 1hr 12mins). Let's give our mother's a night out to enjoy a great movie, cocktails and tacos! Hosted by Rockaway Beach Surf Club and Lava Girl Surf

Given is the simple yet powerfully contemplative story of a unique family legacy come full circle. Told through the visceral experience of a 6 yr. old, Given follows legendary surfers Aamion and Daize Goodwin from their island home of Kauai through 15 different countries in the quest for surf and to fulfill a calling handed down through generations. Set in wave after wave of stunningly visual earthscapes, Given blooms into a tender yet stirring exploration of a young boy’s understanding of life through his familial bonds and their reverence for nature. Deeply moving, Given gives us the humbling contrast of a small voice voyaging through a big world as it finds its way home again. 

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We are excited to announce our new apparel and jewelry collection for women who love the ocean and beach lifestyle. If you would like to receive a notice of when we are live sign up for our newsletter. 

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We are looking for partners and sponsors who recognize the unique opportunity and experience we present at the NYC Women's Surf Film Festival.

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We are looking for a team of volunteers to help out at the 2018 NY Women's Surf Film Festival. 

We are looking for people who are passionate about surfing, who are confident to work in a team (sometimes under pressure or at a relatively fast pace) and people who have initiative and drive.