Lava Girl Surf offers personalized surf sessions designed to develop and improve your awareness, confidence and surfing skill level. Programs incorporate in-water drills, motivational techniques, core-fitness fundamentals and interactive workshops. Lava Girl Surf training includes:

  • The Surfers Code: Surf etiquette that will keep you and those around you safe and clear of accidents. The more you understand the more comfortable you will be entering any line-up, regardless of the amount of time you have spent in the water.
  • Safety Safety Safety:  Assessing what conditions are right for your skill-level.
  • Equipment assessment: Understanding what board is right for your level and varying surf breaks/conditions. Understanding the function of different surfboard shapes, tail design and fin set ups. What  you need to make it through the winter/wetsuit guidance.
  • Reading the waves before getting to the beach: Understanding why different types of surf breaks occur by learning how to dissect wind and swell direction, buoy readings and tidal influences on the different types of breaks in their respective region.
  • Making it out to the line-up: Counting the set waves and knowing when to attempt to paddle out. How to get through tough white water. What to do when caught inside.
  • Managing dangerous conditions: How to calmly handle serious situations, manage your equipment, breathing, and preemptively spot potential dangers and how to avoid them.
  • Developing proper form: paddling, entering larger surf, habits to avoid, out-of-water exercise regiments designed to develop muscle memory and instinctual response to conditions and improve your surfing.
  • Reading the waves/avoiding the herd: How to spot where the waves are coming, how to position yourself into the rotation at occupied breaks and how to search for your own breaks. Never blow up a spot!
  • Committing to the Wave:  Making the drop, setting your rail and riding down the line. Finishing your wave with proper form.

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