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2015 Films & Filmmakers

2015 - Surf Films

the wave I ride lava girl surf film festival


Filmmaker: Devyn Bisson

Paige Alms is among an elite group of surfers who dedicate their lives to riding giants. Paige grew up with Pe'ahi in her backyard, a proving ground for all big wave surfers. Also known as "Jaws," the break gets its nickname for the toothy wave that rolls through the lineup, enticing those who wish to test their wits. We're not just making another surf film. It's not about aerials and cut backs. It's the story of what the ocean gives this woman's soul and what she gives back.

Lola Mignot Gypsy Princess of Sayulita | 7:45 minute – film by Ed Fladung 

Filmmaker: Ed Fladung

A short documentary on Lola Mignot, a longboarder chick from the little bohemian surf village of Sayulita, Mexico. Lola is fastly becoming one of the best longboard riders in Mexico. This video was filmed over the course of a few weeks in February and shows a tiny peek into her surfing practice, family life and personal stye. Lola rides for Kassia Surf, Bing Surfboards and Seea.

We Rise Together | 7 minute film - by Scopo Studios

Filmmakers: Adam Reynolds & Shane Passantino

Three of Southern California's most kind-hearted and fun-loving female surfers take to the open sea in pursuit of off-the-grid adventure. Challenged by unfavorable sailing conditions and discouraging weather patterns, Eveline, Taylor and Anna are forced to realign their expectations. Proving adaptable, they call upon their creative spirits and inherent optimism to make the most of a seemingly unfortunate set of circumstances. Our inspiring young heroines embrace the joys of cliff jumping, sea kayaking, free diving, hiking, and at the heart of this journey we discover the value of relationships.

We Rise Together is a short film celebrating the independent voices of women's surfing.

Julune : A Surf Dream In Indo4:46 minute film – by Leah Dawson

Filmmaker: Leah Dawson

In a beautiful trance of a dream, Leah Dawson takes us on a journey to the Mentawais.. Romantically portrayed as only Leah could through poetry, song and epic shredding! It’s epic to see such a styley, talented lady-surfer shredding so well in such dreamy waves!

lava girl surf stephanie gilmore morgan maassen nyc womens surf film festival 2015

Stephanie gilmore  | 3:40 Minute Film - By morgan maassen

Filmmaker: Morgan Maassen 

Morgan Maassen shadowed "The Champ" Stephanie Gilmore during the French leg of the tour, the resulting footage is what he came up with.

Intimasea | seea film | 2:30 minute film – by nathan oldfield

Filmmaker: Nathan Oldfield

'Intimasea' is a short film by Nathan Oldfield, commissioned by the elegant, classical swimwear label Seea. The film celebrates the style, grace and beauty that is particular to women’s surfing.

‘Intimasea’ features Seea ambassadors Leah Dawson, Lola Mignot, Hallie Rohr, Karina Rozunko, Mele Saili and Makala Smith.

erin ashley worm lava girl surf film festival 2015

WORM | 2:30 MINUTE FILM – BY Hayley Gordon

Filmmaker: Hayley Gordon

Worm is a short by Hayley Gordon featuring California-born longboarder and lady slider Erin Ashley. Named after her nickname, the film captures Ashley sliding on some California point breaks at Church, Malibu and the River in California.