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2013 Films & Filmmakers

2013 - Surf Films

Lunchbreak | 5 minute film – by Cos We Can

Film Makers: Clare Plueckhahn & Fran Derham

Lunchbreak is a short surfing film that combines high performance surfing action with a cheeky twist on a North Shore legend.  Showcasing some of surfing’s hottest female talent including Laura Enever (World No. 10), Tyler Wright (World No. 4), Felicity Palmateer (World No. 19), Serena Brooke (Former World No. 2) & Ellie Jean Coffey - this cup of surfing-coffee will slap you out of your work day stupor and get your heart pumping ready for a surf. Produced & Directed by Clare Plueckhahn & Fran Derham, the creators of the internationally award-winning film First Love - Lunchbreak is a piece of multi-brand magic designed to get ‘chicks’ out of the house and into the water.

lava girl surf haley gordon surf film festival

Party Mix | 10 minute film- by Hayley Gordon

This is a fun “mix tape” type surf film featuring the best surf shots captured over this past summer as well as a fun look at a recent road trip from San Diego to Tofino in British Columbia, Canada.  Featuring some of  our most favourite surf goddesses of all times, such as Jen Smith, Kassia Meador, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Claire Bevilacqua, Steph Gilmore and many more.  Party Mix is made by the talented Hayley Gordon, who has already brought us the delights of By the Way and Long Story Short.

lava girl surf girls girls girls surf film festival

Girls Girls Girls | 8 minute film – by Ritratti Di Surf The  ONDE NOSTRE

Crew film an on the road documentary in the female universe, together with Amanda Chinchelli from SEEA , Betta Dal Bello, and Natalia Resmini – Three friends with creative careers and a passion for surfing. The episodes tell the story of a fashion designer, a stylist, and an illustrator, each bound by the surfing sisterhood and a deep friendship.  They show us the many faceted ways that women confront the sea, and the energy with which they live. If there’s anyone out there who still thinks surfing is just for guys, here’s proof that will make you think twice!  Onde Nostre’s girls shine under an Italian September sun: Three different styles, perfectly blended, traveling between waves with thoughts on friendship, freedom, and future. RITRATTI DI SURF is a series of short videos about surfers, shapers, artists and other characters somehow connected to Onde Nostre and the italian surf culture.


Peanut Butter | 4 Minute Film - By Leah Dawson  

A short story displaying a friendship between a special surfboard and it's joyous rider, "Peanut Butter" is a refreshing love tale from the sea. Watch the first film collaboration of soul surfer/positive living enthusiast Leah Dawson and peace bringing musician/poet Michael Franti, as a story of Peanut Butter comes alive in the clear blue waters of the North Short of Oahu. Celebrate the Sea!  


3KY1K | 40 minute film – by Marina Zawisza

Killas y Un Kiwi is the first video of its kind, an introduction of Latin American female surfing to the world. Surfing world champion Sofia Mulanovich from Peru, Simone Zea from Venezuela, and Ornella Pellizzari from Argentina lead an army of shredders that carve their way through waves and life. Even though Sofia Mulanovich paved the way for Latin American girls, it is still a tough road to follow. Since most of the talent goes unnoticed we decided it was time to share their skills with the rest of the world. Latin America is not the only place were female surfing has not received the international recognition it deserves. Paige Hareb from New Zealand is one of the few women who surfs in her country, therefore we decided to add a little sweet and tasty flavor to our mix and invite a Kiwi to participate in this adventure. With their strength, talent and beauty these women will be a great inspiration to any young girl watching. Shot on great locations such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, Puerto Rico, California and Hawaii the diversity of images is a gift to the eye.

EVO REVISITED | 6 minute film – by Patagonia

After 40 years an original 1968 Evolution board finds its way back into the hands of its creator, Wayne Lynch. Passing the board along to the youth of today, Belinda Baggs rides the board following the footsteps of Wayne. The power of Wayne ‘the fish’ Lynch and Bindy’s graceful ‘dancer’ approach set a contrast leading onto a new remake based off the original design and modern theories of today.